Monday, May 24, 2010

Mindika Moments - Have you ever won anything...I mean anything really big?

We woke up this morning to about 2 inches of snow on the ground and it just keeps coming down. I was afraid of this...remember? A warm long extended fall always means snow in late spring. But I'm even more upset about my little garden. I'm hoping the is right and today's high really will be in the 50's. But I'm not going to let the delinquent misgivings of spring sour my mood. I'm still riding the high of our big win last week.

Have you ever won anything...anything really big. Something you never imagined you'd win? I've won things in my life. I've won awards in my professional life, I've won cooking contests, and even a writing contest once. But the prizes were usually plaques that I'd never hang on my wall, small amounts of money or little nick knacks. I even won a power drill once. My husband was thrilled. But until now I'd never really won something big. Actually I can't really take credit for this win. My husband actually won, but since I get to partake of the grand prize...I'm going to count it as a win for me too.

A couple months ago my husband entered us in a contest to win a free vacation... At the time I rolled my eyes and thought he was just wishful thinking. I told him it was a waste of time. People like us don't win stuff like that. But last week I had to eat my words when we got a phone call telling us that we had actually won! And after a million questions from the sceptical "marketing director" in me. I realized it was the real deal. I'm still in shock! I've spent my whole life as the giver of prizes, not the receiver. I still can't believe it and I've never seem my husband so giddy with excitement.

So this September we will be headed to beautiful Orlando Florida for 4 days, 3 nights; all expenses paid; including air fair, hotel, rental car, and.....

Tickets of our choice to Disney World, Sea World, or Universal Studio's.
As of right now we're leaning towards this place...

To visit these guys....

We figure that might be the most fun for little r.

We are so grateful to the wonderful people at the CVB in Orlando for picking us as a winner!! And of course, little r and I are incredibly grateful that daddy took the time to enter this contest. He had to write in 120 characters or less, why Orlando makes you smile. He wrote:

S is for Sun,
M is for Mickey,
I is for Its the best place to dine and shop,
L is for Laughter and
E is for Everything else!”

Well we're all smiling now! We can't wait until September!

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Frieda Loves Bread said...

What a clever hubby! You totally deserve a spot in the sun!

Tabatha Fergus said...

Congratulations on the BIG prize. Jason and I went 2 years ago and loved it!! Mallory was with us and joined us in D-world. We went the first week in August and barely missed a hurricane. We experienced the after rains which were a blessing to the hot sunshine. Have fun! Can't wait to hear of your experiences.

As for winning....I won a 48" plasma TV a few years ago. Jason was the skeptical since the TV was his dream come true. We have truly enjoyed that large TV! It was the first thing I have ever won.

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