Sunday, November 28, 2010


That's where we are!
I'm now in my 22nd week of pregnancy,
expecting another beautiful baby girl!

Most importantly it's a healthy baby girl! This has been a rough pregnancy. I've been feeling a bit like Jonah lately. Just when I feel like one torturous symptom ends, another begins. But honestly I'm just so grateful this little person has hung on as long as she has and I'm eagerly anticipating her healthy arrival.

Needless to say, Reese and I are thrilled to have another girl join our team. My husband however is a bit concerned about the estrogen overtaking our house. I keep telling him how lucky he is! His whole life will be filled surrounded by women that love and adore him, and whether he realizes it or not he does such a good job of dealing with us. We couldn't ask for a better husband and daddy!

Anyway, as far as recipes and more blog updates. I promise I should do a little better for the next little while. I have a few ready to go and my energy level is much better these days. I'm grateful so many of you have had such patience with me. Thank you for your understanding, concern and friendship!

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Brooke said...

OH, that is SOOO good to hear! Congrats and we will keep praying for a sweet, healthy GIRL!! :)

Frieda Loves Bread said...

Congratulations!! Take a break and enjoy the holidays along with your last couple months of pregnancy ~

Audrey said...

Congrats Mindi! So excited for R to have a sister to share life with. So wonderful! Hope you get feeling better soon. Love you guys!

Kristin Wilkerson said...

Congrats! I made the Mac n cheese again and it turned out much better. Thanks!!

pam said...

YAY! Another girl!!!! Congratulations, Mindi!!! I'm so glad your little baby is doing well. Love you!

Laurel said...


Shelby said...

Congratulations! I have been out of the blog world for the last few months with our relocation and new jobs. I am thrilled for you!

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