Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Moments - Rubio's I love you!!

A few weeks ago I got the most exciting email. I was invited to a cooking demo and lunch with the owner and founder of Rubio's. I was soooo excited. Rubio's just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. When I moved to Utah County from Salt Lake 6 years ago, I was devastated that Rubio's was so far away. I would make special trips just for a fish taco. But not any more...there are now 2 Rubio locations in Utah County.

Anyway, I digress. I was so excited to get a first hand demo of how Rubio's makes their food so amazingly delicious. Unfortunately the night before the big event, my little r was up all night with a fever, coughing, running nose, and throwing up. By that morning I hadn't slept and I just couldn't bare leaving my little monkey when she so desperately needed me. So, I had to make the sad call and tell Rubio's that I just couldn't make it.

But that's really ok, as great as it would have been to have a free lunch and get some insider info on Rubio's goodness, I didn't really need to attend to know how awesome Rubio's is. Seriously, if you have not tried Rubio's, you need to go immediately. I personally recommend the fish taco's with corn tortilla's. But honestly I've never eaten anything that I didn't like. I could not give it a higher recommendation! And if you're thinking to yourself...I don't like fish taco's, you need to talk to my brother who said the same thing until I dragged him to Rubio's and made him try one. Now he's just as big a fan as me...maybe bigger.

Click HERE to find a location near you! Then GO!!

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Kit Nordfelt said...

This is true. I used to hate the thought of fish on a taco. But now they are my favorite food.

Courtney said...

I LOVE Rubios!!! I live out of state and make sure to schedule a Rubios lunch or dinner every time I come to visit. When I lived in the San Diego area, I ate there at least twice a week. I still get major cravings for their fish tacos and salsa verde. YUMMMMMMM!!! So glad to know I'm not the only fan! (My mom sent me the link to your blog. She knows me well!)

Max said...

I'm not sure if you drink beer, but we aren't allowed to consume it. Rubios Fish is beer battered. Sadly we cant eat it? Don't if all mormons dont eat or drink alcohol?

Mindika said...

Max, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (sometimes called Mormon's) and I don't drink alcohol. However when cooking with alcohol, in many applications the alcohol dissipates during the cooking process. Beer batter is one of these applications. The heat of the frying process eliminates all the alcohol. I assure you Rubio's fish is safe to eat.

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