Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Moments - A little treat for me...

I love cute pajama's. They just make me happy. Back in my single days, when no one saw them, and I spent very little time in them, I always had the cutest most comfortable pajama's. Ironically now that I'm a wife and mom, and spend most of my time in them, my pajama's consist of my husbands old t-shirts, and a variety of ratty old flannel bottoms. I've thought about getting "cute" with my sleep wear before. But when you have a baby that's spitting up all over you, peeing, or wiping their sticky hands on you constantly, it's hard to justify the expenditure.

Well, my baby is now a toddler and much easier on my clothing. So, in light of what I've just been through the last couple weeks, I decided I deserved a little treat...and for me that was new "cute" pajama's!

So I ordered these, from here! Can't wait for them to arrive.


Iliana said...

Those are so cute! Good for you... you deserve a little something.

Chellese said...

You totally deserve cute pajamas. Enjoy!

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