Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This one's for you Cindy!

Tomorrow is going to be super busy, so my Thursday post is coming at ya little early. Hope you don't mine.

My good friend Cindy reminded me of this recipe. I kind of forgot about it. I had made it for her a few years back. Thanks for the reminder Cind! And Arnold says to tell you thanks as well. So sad...I had never made it for him. How could I have forgotten this one for my choco-holic husband.

Anyway, if you're looking for super easy, ultra impressive, and maximum deliciousness...look no further. This is your dessert! Enjoy!

(Mindi Original)

1 devils food cake mix
1 jar marshmallow cream

For the Ganache:
12 oz. dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
3 T. corn syrup
6 oz. heavy cream
1 t. vanilla

fresh or frozen berries (If available...fresh raspberries are the best!)

1. Prepare the devils food cake mix batter as indicated on the box.
2. Grease and flour a bunt pan.
3. Poor half the batter into the bunt pan. Then spoon the marshmallow cream* around the center of the batter. Poor the rest of the batter on top of the marshmallow cream.
4. Bake the cake to the time specifications for a bunt pan as indicated on the box.
5. When the cake is baked. Allow to cool, then invert the cake onto a cooling rack. Set the rack on top of a baking sheet.
6. In a sauce pan over medium heat, bring the cream and corn syrup to a simmer.
7. Add the chocolate, remove from the heat and stir until the chocolate melts and the sauce comes together. Stir in the vanilla.
8. Poor the ganache over the cake. Be sure to cover the entire cake. The spill over will poor into the baking sheet.
9. Using two large spatulas transfer the cake to a serving dish.
10. Allow the ganache to set up.
11. Serve with fresh or frozen berries.
12. If you’re displaying the cake, or I want it to look really pretty. I fill the middle of the bunt cake with the fresh berries. Raspberries are my favorite.

*Just to clarify, there won't be a marshmallow creme middle. The marshmallow just melts into the cake, making it super moist and yummy!


pam said...

Dang! I just made a chocolate cake yesterday for Shawn's birthday (which is today). It will have the ganache but I'm pretty sure the cake won't be as yummy as this one. I'll have to try it really soon. It looks DELISH!

chingchong7 said...

I forgot how simple this recipe is! Just in time for V-day! Thanks for posting this Mindi!!!! Can't wait to try it out!

Lindsey said...

Sounds divine! I really want some right now!

Beth and Jess said...

Hi I am Pam's BFF and have been following your blog for a while. Not sure how I ever ran across it but anyway. I made this cake today and have tried quite a few of your things so I thought I better give you some props!!! You are awesome. Thanks for all the great recipes.

Madhura Manoj said...

your cake is lip smacking...;-)))

Estela said...

I made this cake and it turned out delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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