Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Moments - The big party!

People said I was crazy...planning such a big celebration for my monkey's one year birthday. "She won't remember it.." that's what I heard more than once. But I didn't really care what anyone thought.

The truth is this party was more than just a celebration of Reese's 1st birthday! While that was defiantly the focus and most important reason for Arnold and I to host such a big event, we had a hidden agenda...This was also an anniversary party for the two of us. The anniversary of our lives changing forever and receiving the most precious gift we'd ever been given. As first time parents you never know what to expect, but our expectations were far exceeded with Reese. This past year has truly been the greatest year of our lives. I really wish I could put into words the joy and fulfillment Reese brings to us everyday. We know there will be tough times as parents, we know there will be trials and challenges ahead. But this year...this year was perfection!

So even though poor little Reese was sick and she didn't really get to enjoy the fun, I'd still do it again.

Thanks to everyone who came. We have the best family, friends and neighbors in the world! These pictures represent only a highlight of all the wonderful shots that our good friend Chellese took for us!

The birthday girl.
The birthday girl...she's had better days.
A big thank you to my brother Kit and nephew Logan for manning the grill, so Arnold and I could play host.
Reese and her Uncle Kit. He was kind enough to snuggle her most the night. Reese is a big fan of her Uncle Kit.

Love those lips.

Highlights of friends & family...

The party details...

Reese wasn't really up for cake the night of her party, so Chellese was nice enough to wait until she was feeling better to do another little photo shoot.

She was much happier and had a lot of fun with her cake.

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Unknown said...

This makes me even more sad that we couldn't make it. I wanted to tell you that I posted your Norwood peanut butter bars. I hope that's ok/

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