Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Moments - A new Food Network Star!

I'm so sad that The Next Food Network Star is over...But...

Congratulations to Melissa for winning Next Food Network Star! I have to admit, she wasn't my favorite in the beginning, but towards the end she really started to stand out and she was definitely who I was cheering for last night. I thought Jeffery was really good as well, but I think what it really came down to was Marketability.

The audience that Melissa will appeal to is much larger than Jeffery's. I like the idea of learning about interesting ingredients from around the world. But here's the question; would most of middle America ever be able to find or purchase those ingredients to try themselves and if so, at what cost? I used to like to try different and exotic ingredients but even if I can find them here in Utah, I usually can't justify the high price. Especially in this economy. On the flip side we have Melissa who appeals to millions of moms around the country trying to feed their family's with ease and creativity.

I would bet money that was the deciding factor for the winner! Just my opinion though.

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JR and Brynn said...

Don't you love her? I was so excited b/c I think she rocked it representing all of us SAHMs. Yay!

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