Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing Grass as a Center Piece

My Salt Lake friends will remember, with fondness, my love for growing grass. There was a time when I always had a grass center piece on my coffee table, especially in late winter. Just about this time of year, when I was more than ready for spring to come...but it just wasn't quite time. A little bright green grass, does wonders for the spirit.

It's been a few years since I brought out the grass seed, but I thought it might be a fun project and little biology lesson for Reese. There as so many things one can learn from planting a few seeds. Besides, I really do love me some pretty green grass.

This is especially fun for Easter. You can grow grass in just about any container. Then you can hide fun eggs, candy, flowers etc... in the grass. Super cute for a Spring center piece.

Here's what you need...

Container - I choose a glass bowl because I wanted Reese to be able to watch the roots grow. This particular project was meant to be educational as well as fun. (Yes that's a trifle bowl. Don't worry, this isn't the one I make dessert in. I have three.) You can use just about any container. I used to have a long wooden box that was rustic and very cool. I don't know what happened to it.

Potting Soil - any brand will do.

Grass Seed - again, any kind will work. Just buy something cheap. This large bag I got at Home Depot for $5. It will last forever.

Rocks - these are optional. I used them because I thought they'd look prettier with the glass container. If you can't see through your container, don't bother with the rocks.

Squirt Bottle - this is a must for the daily watering process.

Cute three year old helper - optional...but definitely a plus!

If you're using a glass container, fill it about half way with rocks.

Then add the dirt...

Now fill with as much water as possible. Make sure your dirt is nice and soaking wet.

Next sprinkle the grass seed on top of your soil. Use a lot. You really can't use too much. Get a nice thick layer of seed.

Using your squirt bottle, on the mist setting, get the seeds nice and soaking wet.

Then place your planted seeds in a nice sunny place. If your house is really cold, you may want to tent your planted seeds with some plastic wrap...like a little green house. Just to keep those seeds nice and warm. You want to squirt the seeds with water as much as possible. This was a fun job for Reese. Squirt them down at least twice a day, if not three.

It's going to take about 3-5 days, depending on how much sun and water they get, for your seeds to sprout. But once they do, they shoot up pretty fast. This is what our planter looked like on day 7.

Now doesn't that pretty green grass make you smile?

As your grass grows you can let it get long and wild, or you can trim it with some sizzors and it will just keep growing. After several weeks your soil will probably become root bound and the grass will start to die, but that's the best part...you can just grow some more!

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thingsforboys said...

This is so cool and I love that you used a trifle bowl...now if only I can sneak one out of my mother in laws house to use ;)

pam said...

I love it, Mindi!!! I am going to do this with Jackson! :)

* Nancy * said...

Wow, such a beautiful centerpiece! The tutorial was great, I can't believe I missed this update. Anyway, I am going to have to try this.

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