Friday, January 27, 2012

Home made Baby Legs, or Leg Warmers

My little R started her first dance class a few weeks ago. And I gotta tell ya...there's not too many things in life much cuter than watching a bunch of 3 year old little girls twirl around on a dance floor. You just know as they catch glances of themselves in the mirror, they believe with all their sweet little hearts that they are the most beautiful things in all the world...and they very well might be!

As we were putting together the outfit for her first class, she was insistent that she have some leg warmers, just like they wear on Angelina Ballerina. On that day I didn't have any leg warmers, but Reese was a lot more inventive than me. She quickly ran to her little sisters drawer and pulled out a pair of her "baby legs". They worked great.

That's when I remembered a friend telling me that you could easily make your own "baby legs" with pairs of   women's knee high socks. I search for it on Pinterest and found this great tutorial.

So here's my version:

Cut the knee highs at the ankle and below the heel.

These are the two pieces you'll be using.

Take the small tubes and roll them into cuffs.

Pin the cuffs to the long tubes, raw edge to raw edge.

Sew the edges together.

Fold up and wala! You have leg warmers. I made 5 pairs of leg warmers for Reese in less than one hour and for under $10. I got all these socks on clearance at Target! There all on sale now for $1.50 each. Run out and get several pair!!

I asked R to model some for me...this is the best pose she would give me.

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the lye's said...

These are darling! And so creative.. I love them! Great job.

Mindika said...

Thanks Lani! Girls are very fun to sew for.

* Nancy * said...

Adorable! And what a deal!

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