Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Moments - THE BIG REVEAL!

I gave you a sneak peak of my "big project" a couple weeks ago. I've been working on little r's "big girl" room for some time now; thinking about the colors, finding the perfect bedding, the right color chair, a perfect organization system, picking a paint color, making curtains and pillows etc... It has been quite the project. But I'm excited to announce that it's finally complete! And as I'm typing at 10 p.m. on Sunday night...r has been peacefully asleep in her big girl room for the first night, for over an hour, with no far.

The best part about this room is that Reese is absolutely in love with it. We can't keep her out of it. And that makes me so happy!

I posted these pictures on my family blog and on my personal facebook last week and I've been inundated with emails and comments about where I got certain things or how I made other things. So I thought I'd address a few of the questions here, for anyone who may be interested.

Chair - It's from Pottery Barn Kids, but we purchased it at Down East, a local store that carries discontinued or seconds from high end retailers. We have yet to find a single thing wrong with it, and I couldn't believe that they had the exact color I was looking was fate!

Curtains - I made them, and I wanted to kill myself about half way through the project. I didn't have a pattern, just and idea and vision in my head. I think it could have been much easier if I'd taken a different approach, but I was already half way done and 6 yards in when I figured out an easier way. Live and and learn!

Mirror - Stainless steel, beveled edge from Walmart for $12.99. What a steal!

Lamps - Found at Target on sale. I paid less than $20 for the pair. I then used the left over ribbon from the throw pillows and trimmed the edges.

Name - I made these for Reese's nursery before she was born, by decoupaging scrap book paper onto wooden letters purchased at our local craft store. For her new room I had to rip off the old paper and start over with paper that matched. A little bit of work, but worth the effort.

Bedding - Again from Target! I love Target. I bought this bedding months ago, then a few weeks after I bought it, I went into the store and found it on sale. I of course got a price adjustment, so I was even more excited with how much I saved!

Throw Pillows - Made these in less than 2 hours. That's one thing I'm good at making...throw pillows.

Bookcase - First of all...please excuse Reese's disheveled look. I took these pictures at 8:30 in the morning and she insisted on being in them. Anyway, this is the one item I've had the most questions about. It is from Ikea, along with all the bins. I can't say enough good things about this item. It's been up for a week and it's the single greatest thing I've ever purchased from Ikea!!

As you can tell, Reese really does love her new room. That is my greatest reward! And I'm not going to lie...I'm a little jealous! I'm kind of wishing I were 2 again...kind of...just a little!

...and just for fun...some night time shots. OK, ok...I'm just a little in love with this room myself!

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Brooke said...

Looks great, Mindi! Creativity feels so good, doesn't it?

* Nancy * said...

Love the room - especially the cute details like the layers in the curtains, the ribbon around the lamps, etc. I absolutely love the color of the may have said what color you used to paint, but what is the name of the color?!? Way to go Mindi!

Sarah said...

So so cute. I was going through target and ikea wishing Lou was old enough for a toddler bed so I had an excuse to re-decorate her room.

Mindika said...

Thanks everyone!

Nancy, the paint we had matched to the chair. I took in a swatch of the fabric and they matched it. So, unfortunately it doesn't have a name. It was pretty close to a color named Rain Drop by Sherman Williams though. Hope that helps.

The Double Dipped Life said...

I need those shelves! Do you have a product name or number? THANKS!!

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