Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Moments - 8 hours in a car...

We got back from Colorado tonight! We had a great time...but I sure hate driving for 8 hours with a baby to entertain. After being gone for 4 days we needed a couple things from the grocery store, just to get us through the night. I will get the "big" grocery's tomorrow. So I asked my husband if he would run up the street to Albertson's for some milk and a couple other essentials...this is how our conversation went...

M - Can you run to the store and get me some milk, a tomato and lettuce?

Hubby - I just got done driving for 8 hours and you want me to get back in the car and go to the store...(as if I wasn't in that same car! I may not have been driving, but I was entertaining a 1 year old who was done with her car seat at hour 4.)

M - Well, If you want I can run to the store and you can stay here to unpack our bags, put everything away, start the laundry, and feed Reese dinner!

Hubby - I'll run to the store, what did you need again?

M - That's what I thought.

Sooooo predictable! gotta love them.


Iliana said...

Ah, yes, men. But I'm glad you had fun and that you survived the car. I'm so dreading my 12 hour drive with kids tomorrow. Shoot me now.

Chellese said...

Yeah, seriously, guys can be so clueless. Tonight Darin said to me, "You just don't understand men." No kidding.

Thanks for being my supporter and friend. You and Iliana are the best commenters. Maybe I'll just uninvite everyone else.

Kelly & Tasha said...

That's funny! It's all about perspective!

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