Friday, September 11, 2009

a little preview...

Here's a little preview of pictures to come! A big thank you to my good friend Chellese! She was the awesome photographer at Reese's party last night. Reese only made it to the first 30 minutes of her party. She was pretty sick and unfortunately didn't get to enjoy all the fun. It was so sad...because I know my little monkey and she would have loved loved loved that party. She would have been right in the middle of all the action soaking up ever ounce of fun!

If we keep having these hot September days, we'll have to use up the rest of the water balloons and have all the kids in the neighborhood over again. Reese would be in heaven! check out more great work from the awesome Chellese, click HERE!


Dan and Wendy Babcock said...

Actually, I would just like to know where you got Reese's shoes?

Mindika said...

Wendy, her shoes are from baby gap, online. When I got them, they were on clearance for $12.99.

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