Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I practiced the cupcakes and cake I'm making for my daughters 1st birthday next month. I got the idea here.

I thought they turned out pretty good. I learned a couple lessons and plan to do it a little different for the "real thing". But it was pretty easy and I think the kids are going to love these.

Now imagine them with yummy butter cream frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I love planning parties. It's no wonder I do it for a living. If only I had the budget for Reese's party that I have for some of my clients parties. That would be fun!

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Meridith O. said...

Mindy, my friend did these for her little girls birthday party last month and they turned out so stinkin cute!!! She did a whole rainbow theme for the party to go along with fun! If you want to see the pics go to and then scroll down to August.

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