Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Moments - The start of a new path...

I announced this on our family blog last week, but I thought I'd also share the news with all my food blogging friends.
Last week I started working part time (still from home). I'm officially no longer the Public Relations Director for Kim Brown & Associates. After years of scratching and clawing my way to the top of the corporate ladder, I've decided it's time to make a decent. These days my priority is the 30 inch munchkin that quite literally scratches and claws her way to the top of me on a daily basis. And brings me more joy and fulfillment than anything in the corporate world ever could.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. It's funny how sometimes you don't even realize how much something stresses you out, until it's gone. It's also funny how things always seem to work out, even when you take a giant leap forward into the darkness of an unknown path. I have a huge testimony that prayer, faith and righteousness will never let you down. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. I don't know where I would be without the guidance and strength the spirit brings.

I'm also grateful to my husband who supports my decision to make our children my priority. And I'm really grateful to wonderful bosses, Kim & Judy; who love me, respect me, value me, and specifically created a part time position for me, so I could continue to work from home part time. I realize that I'm very lucky to have such a ideal situation. I feel very blessed!


It’s a light in the darkness that saves me,
From the yielding of a cruel and reckless night.

It’s the temperance of my soul that frees me,
From the capture of the grasping rage of life.

It’s the gift I have been given, a power past my reach.
A voice that keeps me longing, for civility and peace.

I know my gift is fragile, I know I have been blessed.
My gratitude exceeds me, My keeping safe the test.

Mindi Nordfelt Thiebaud

(I want to make sure that any of you out there that work full time, part time, from home or away, do not in any way take offence to my post. Working as a mom is the hardest job on the planet and making the decision to work it one that I know every mom takes very seriously. Every one's circumstances are different and it's such a personal decision to make. I know that every mom weighs that decision very carefully and does what's best for them, their children, and family. I respect all those moms that both work ands stay home. No matter what, being a mom is the hardest job in the world! We all need as much support as possible. Here's to MOM POWER! If we don't stick together, we just might fall apart.)


Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you!! I look forward to the day that I am no longer full time. Hopefully that is in the near future! You should bring Reese (sp?) swimming and I would love to get together for lunch! Maybe some bakery style sandwiches and salad or Oprah's grilled cheese and fruit... Oh the possibilities!!

Barbara Bakes said...

What a cutie!

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