Monday, April 20, 2009


For some time I've had several friends telling me I should start a recipe blog. I have always loved to cook sense my earliest childhood memory, and have made it a point to collect great recipes throughout my life. Growing up as a military brat and being single until I was 32, I have traveled the world and had many wonderful experiences that I believe have helped me to be a pretty decent cook. However, there are so many other things that I love besides cooking, that I couldn’t bring my self to limit this blog to that of just recipe's. Although the subject may dominate at times, I hope to talk about and share idea's regarding many other subjects I enjoy including; cleaning, organizing, writing, reading and/or anything else that may be of interest.

I am a full time wife, a full time mom, and a Public Relations Director for an Advertising Agency. I work very hard and have to stay on top of my game to accomplish everything that is required of me. I don't always succeed, but I do my best and hope that it's good enough. My hope is to inspire women everywhere to be the best they can be and know that it's good enough. I hope we can all truly be happy in our individual "Moments of Me".


Chellese said...

Your blog looks BEEutiFUL. I love the gerber daisy theme. Mindi, you do everything well. You are someone I look up to. I'm glad you're my friend. I'll look forward to all you post here.

Unknown said...

HOOOORAY!! I am so incredibly excited for this blog. I'm spreading the word!

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