Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Well, the day has arrived. Tomorrow we leave on our first family vacation with our little munchkin. She is almost 8 months and while we've taken her on a few road trips, they've never been too far, or for more than a couple nights. Tomorrow we embark on a 5 day trip to Texas, which will include our first plane ride and hotel stay with a baby.

Today is the dreaded packing day. I hate packing. I really wish there were a packing fairy that would come while I'm sleeping and efficiently pack everything we need...wait...I think I'm the packing fairly in my did that happen???

I do however have a fail proof packing system that if used properly, will prevent those hearts stopping moments when you've left the house and realized..."Oh no!!! We forgot the ......" (Fill in your own blank).

I have a list; you'll soon discover that I'm the queen of lists! It's my "Everything but the kitchen sink" list. My list of everything I could or should need or want on a trip. I used to make one every time I got ready for a trip, but a couple years ago I wised up and started saving the list so I wouldn't have to recreate it every time I took a trip. Now obviously every trip is a little different and I may have to add a couple things or take a couple things off the list. But it sure is nice to pull up the list and have a head start. After a couple years I think just about everything possible is on the list, so at this point I usually only have to take certain things off. So now it's just a matter of gathering items and putting them in suit cases. I check off items as I pack, and I never forget anything.

This time however I have a whole new list to make; my baby's list. I'm so nervous that I'm going to forget something she'll desparately need. You the binky, blanket, or that favorite toy. I think I'll do ok, but you better believe I'll be saving this list, and hopfully when I pack for our next trip I won't be quite as stressed.

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