Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snack Baggies...a healthy solution!

Becoming a mom and working from home has made it increasingly more difficult for me to eat healthy. My life is so crazy busy most weeks that it's hard to make good healthy meal/snack choices when I'm running out the door to a meeting or doctor’s appointment, feeding my baby while getting out that rushed press release, or working late at night while doing laundry and paying the bills. So I've come up with a solution that's actually been working.

Every Saturday after I get groceries I take fruits, veggies, nuts etc... and prep and divided them into snack size portions, putting them into baggies. I store them in the refrigerator and pantry. Then when I'm on the run all I have to do is grab a bag. It makes healthy choices a lot easier to make when on the run and in a hurry.

Items that work great for pre-prep and storage: Mangos, pineapple, apples slices (sprinkled with lemon juice), grapes, celery, carrots, almonds, peanuts, whole wheat crackers w/ string cheese, and veggie chips (from Costco...love them!).


Unknown said...

DONE!! Love that idea! I am totally going to do it. Thanks!

nalani said...

I'm so excited for this new blog....especially your recipes that I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!

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