Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Moments - Having a baby is good for your self esteem!

My parents were in town this weekend. They volunteered to watch our baby girl, Reese, so we could have a little romantic get away. They hadn't seen their granddaughter for a few months. Since that time Reese's little personality has really developed and is now shining through more and more each day. That being said, my parents confirmed what I already suspected; Reese is a little replica or her mommy in personality and spirit.

That confirmation made me think. How could I look at my perfect little baby who I love more than life it self, who makes me smile a million times a day, who I wouldn't change a thing about, know that she is just like me, and not love myself just a little more.

That's when I decided; having a baby who is just like you...can be good for your self esteem!


Frieda Loves Bread said...

Darling pic of the both of you! Have lots of fun with her; she'll grow up waaay to fast!

Chellese said...

Mindi, you are fabulous. You would have no reason not to have great self esteem. Oh, and Reese is adorable. We wouldn't change anything about either of you.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I happen to love you too!!!

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